Suzuki rmz250 £6899

The 250 class in motocross doesn’t forgive the slightest weakness. That’s why we’ve designed the RM-Z250 to achieve the right balance of “Run, Turn, and Stop” necessary to win in this ultra-competitive arena. Intensive work by our engineers has once again made the RM-Z250 the leader out of the gate. Look out…the RM-Z250 is here!

Invitation only event.


The RM-Z’s 249cc, 4-stroke, fuel-injected, DOHC engine, extracts maximum performance out of the RM-Z250’s powerplant, including a large air filter intake aperture and straighter outlet to the throttle bodies for maximum airflow; a cylinder head intake and exhaust ports designed to improve combustion efficiency and increase fuel pressure for enhanced fuel/air atomisation; a direct throttle linkage for better feel, all designed to deliver the best possible power across the board.