The Team

Josh Coleman onboard his Wulfsport Meredith RMZ250 in the AMCA MX2 Class, and also in the pro class in the British masters 🚀
Finally we have Richy Roberts, he will be competing in the AMCA 125 class, and also will be riding in the MX2 class in the Bridgestone British Masters on a Wulfsport Meredith RMZ250.
Thanks everyone for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you during 2020!

on the fantic in 2021 will be jordan meredith and ezra blackwell. its a new bike for us we are hoping for top 15 the boys are more then capable.

also on bored the rmz meredith mx suzuki is tom strange he will be entering the amca champs and hoping for some top 20s.